Est. 2012

About Us

neila nilow was born from love to Nature and passion for meaningful detail.

Do you like to feel or make some else feel special?

We do believe it is small pieces that make the big picture and as the result we are driven in creating amulets that reflect ones uniqueness. We believe that art of giving is such an important aspect in showing effort and love to one another through meaningful and unique gifts.

Is there a gift that keeps on giving?

Furthermore, everything we create is nourishing the world of artisans and small craftsman’s businesses. Finally, we do create and run our small business in the most sustainable way we know and can.

What is the mission?

It was never intended to be a business, but the idea to make one that inspires people to see magic in small details, themselves and around became the goal.  Also in the age of technology to continue the tradition of handmade whiles supporting more craftsman’s families as we grow. Lastly – to spread love for Nature.

Designers intentions?

To create means to be in love with life. Creativity for me is the beautiful process of joining things together and later connecting mutual visions or souls through recognition of those small details. Moreover, I just shape, form and box the creations of the Divine. The beauty of crystals, minerals and other matter given from Earth is the main magic.

Our Future

we dream to grow towards Holistics and Sustainable every day solutions.

Core Values

Our main building blocks we build with


Supporting craft & small businesses worldwide


Sustainable creative process & goods


Spreading wellbeing through the community



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