Have you been feeling like improving your well-being? Learning tips & tricks of healthy living? Or maybe you would just like to reward your body with full on care & recharge? And experience carefully selected treatments and healers?

These holistic retreat programs are a personalised journeys to bring you to a better physical and mental state, learn more about the magnificent machinery taking you on this journey we call LIFE. You will get an individual attention and program build especially for You or join circle of mutual interest future friends. The aim is to guide you on gentle, pleasurable, nourishing, informative ride in the holistic world.

You will experience best local therapists every day, will be consulted about methods to manage your body, provided with recommendations about best ways to choose supplements to address your issues or general anti-aging and maintanace. Will learn about healthy tasty everyday foods, herbs, tonics, nutrition ways. Dive into the understanding of disease and how to facilitate healing in unique way. Learn how to best live in modern environments and some of the best tools there is. Experience healing movement, breath work, psychosomatics, different meditation ways for mental health. Also learn how to address your body according to your birth date and how to bridge physical and non physical.

So.. if you are the person who likes to learn about wellness, doesn’t like to make mistakes whiles traveling, loves to save your own time & energy, eager to experience new things, destinations and best of what Bali local people have to offer for your holistic chapter in life- this immaculately crafted trip is for You.





14 DAYS HOLISTIC INDIVIDUAL TRIP IN BALI — Contact for availability


14 DAYS HOLISTIC COUPLE TRIP IN BALI — Contact for availability
10 days woman’s holistic trip in bali -NOVEMBER
 ALL INCLUSIVE 2450€/person

What this trip about & what is part of package?


Your accommodation in various Bali locations is inclusive in the fee. It is shared room with the other woman. Private room option for extra charge is available too.


Our retreats are famous for nutritious, vibrant, tasty food! You will consume healing tonics, fresh juices, tropical fruits, superfoods,  organic grown produce. Meal plan based on 90% plant & 10% animal sources.


The sooner you enrol the sooner you will start the journey towards health. After signing up you can go ahead with diagnostic process following with recommendations to begin your healing journey from home. You will receive information how to address your health state in natural way through diagnostic modalities, treatments & supplements.


During the trip you will receive daily treatments & consultations from carefully selected local therapists, healers & gurus. This will lead you to knowing best holistic practitioners Bali has to offer that have been gathered over a decade of trial & error.


You will experience different yoga practices & various movement modalities from different local teachers every day.


Prepare for wellness information on herbs, body care, best supplements, detox, rejuvenation, natural cosmetics, astrology, cooking and many things to set you on the rout of reclaiming your health.


You will experience quite a few things for the first time in your life!


Local traveling is part of the trip where you will see some of the most beautiful island nature sights.


To make experience complete get ready to experience different environments of Bali: jungle, rice fields, mountains and beach!

* Flights and airport transfers are not included.

* 50% deposit to reserve. The other 50% must be payed 60 days before the first day of the trip.

The Bali holistic retreat, meticulously organized by Ditė, offered an unparalleled experience focused on nourishing the mind, body, and soul. Ditė's attention to detail and dedication to our well-being truly set this retreat apart from others. The tranquil surroundings and knowledgeable instructors created a haven for personal growth and deep relaxation.
Throughout our two-week stay, we were immersed in an array of activities tailored to our individual needs. The retreat emphasized a balance between mental, physical, and spiritual aspects, which left us feeling invigorated and more in tune with ourselves.
Ditė's unwavering commitment to providing a transformative experience was evident in every aspect of the retreat. From the delicious and nourishing meals to the soothing accommodations, each element contributed to our overall sense of rejuvenation and well-being.
We cannot recommend Ditė's holistic retreat in Bali highly enough. This life-changing experience has left a lasting impression on us, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to return in the future.

Ramunė & Philippe

“Viena stipriausių patyriminių kelionių, kurioje gavau erdvės pajusti save, atpažinti link ko turiu eiti ir kaip, susistatyti stuburą į vietą pačiu harmoningiausiu būdu,-poilsio rėžime. Dite, ačiū, kad visapusiškai pasirūpinai mano sveikata, ačiū už šilumą, glėbį ir žinias, na kažkoks neišsemiamas šaltinis esi! Gerumo dozė! ir tavo užkrečiantis juokas, visiškai atpalaidavo smegenis:)) iki kitų kartų toj pačioj dieviškoj žemėj!”


“Atvykus į Bali pas Ditę nustebino rūpestis ir žinojimas ką reikia daryti. Ditės užtikrintumas dare savo ir greitai supratau, kad tai ką ji žino ir rekomenduoja veiks ir kad reikia stengtis. Rekomendacijos apie mitybą, papildus bei sveikatą man tiko. Ritmas kuriuo pradėjome judėti buvo man labai priimtinas: nei per daug intensyvus, bet ir be nuobodžiu pauzių. Labai man tiko kad retreate viskas įskaičiuota ir nereikia niekuo rūpintis pačiam. Praktikų įvairumas leido suprasti kas geriausiai tinka dirbant su mano kūnu bei protu. Siela tokioje aplinkoje ir rūpestyje pradeda dainuoti 🙏😁 Labai džiaugiuosi rezultatais ir esu be galo dėkingas!”


Retreat was incredible and such a priceless experience, which was thoughtful from the minute I have entered a retreat centre! I felt magical, felt that it was the best what I’ve ever experienced, starting from the most delicious healthy and colorful food and ending with the most valuable daily practices - yoga, meditation, massages, lectures, workshops and various treatments from the selective master healers and guru’s from Bali. The energy of the organiser - Dita is very pure and loving, you feel that she is like a magic fairy doing everything for you to feel so comfortable.

I would love to recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better, who wants to experience Bali in a holistic and spiritual way, who wants to get have the best of the best healers and that food, mhmmm.. I am definitely coming back!


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