Want to learn Jewellery TLC?

Here you will find a guide how to take care of the jewels you might have been loving a bit too much.


neila nilow jewellery is handmade with great care using only metals and stones that come from Mother Nature. Whether worn daily or occasionally it requires some attention to preserve its beauty over the years. We suggest reading the recommendations bellow.

Wear Guide

Although highly resistant, natural stones and soft metals are sensitive to their environment. We recommend removing your jewellery prior to exercising, showering, swimming and any other physical activities. Beware of shocks, as they will cause marks and scratches.

To preserve the appearance of your jewellery, protect it from cosmetic products, perfume, corrosive and chemical products, such as salt water or bleach. If it does come into contact with one of these products, carefully rinse jewellery with clear water and dry it with a tissue.

If you wear neila nilow jewels often following the recommendations above they will require less maintenance. This may seem paradoxical, however, regular use slows the natural tarnishing process inherit of both gold and silver metals.

While not being worn, jewellery should be stored in its original box or pouch away from humidity.

Delicate design

To prevent fine wire rings to change shape, we recommend to take it off before going to gym or doing any activities that puts pressure on the soft nature of silver metal. We do not recommend wearing this design rings on pointing finger.

We do not recommend buying our fine chain rings or army lock chains for people who need to remove it often.

Take an extra care when putting on all our jewellery designs containing shell. If it falls it can brake or crack.

Opal & Pearl

The exception to humidity this rule is jewels with pearls and opals. These are made of an organic material and has high percentage of water thus require a level of moisture to conserve their full beauty. Make sure you don’t keep your opals near fire, heater, super hot sun or in fluctuating dry&humid environments. They should be exposed to humid atmosphere like damp cloth or dip in water once in a while if not worn. Keep in mind that opal&pearl scratch easily.


Shells are fragile matter and should be protected from falling down as they can break. When putting on/off jewels with shells make sure you take extra care. Should be kept in box and not pouch.

Our jewellery with shells should not be silver or gold plated-it will change colour.


If you clean jewellery at home make sure to avoid exposure to chemicals on opal, pearl and shell: it will diminish their lustre.

Never dip jewellery to any cleaning solution longer than 30 seconds.

Melamine sponge is an easy in home polishing tool, which makes good chemical free choice. Cleaning mechanically should be done in super careful manner as jewellery can brake if pulled too strong.


We want your neila nilow jewellery love last!


To all neila nilow jewellery we offer yearly free professional polishing service. You can bring your neila nilow jewels to any of our boutiques and we will make your jewellery shine brighter again. We also accept posted jewellery for cleaning service if you cover the shipping cost.


All our jewellery is handmade with great care seeking best quality. We do love designing minimal jewellery, but as much as the fragile nature of it charms us, just as much of the attention in wearing it needs. We seek to provide service for you to fix the neila nilow jewellery that got broken instead of putting it aside. For a small fee we will try help you restore your broken spark! Contact us to see if we can help.


We do offer professional 18K gold plating to all neila nilow jewellery for extra fee. So if you want to restore the colour of your gold jewellery or change your silver jewellery into gold plated one, contact us and we will see how we can help.


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