For those who haven’t forgotten their roots and live in sync with nature’s rhythms, our handmade sustainable jewelry collection is a harmonious celebration of the natural world. Join us in embracing the beauty of ethical craftsmanship and sustainable living.

jewelry to mother

Meaningful gift to celebrate Motherhood


Where trinity of Spirit, Soul and Body collide

Sui generiS

One of the Kind collection created to celebrate Your UNIQUENESS!


Opals are stone of magic, mystery & manifestation! Always wanted piece of galaxy of your own?


Why choose Us?

When meaningful merge with sustainable.

We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of our brand. By recycling silver and using around 90% of it in our jewelry designs, we reduce our environmental impact while creating stunning pieces that showcase the beauty of genuine materials.

Our commitment extends to using only pure 925 sterling silver or gold-plated 925 silver. Additionally, all our designs are handmade, supporting the livelihoods of skilled craftsman families and preserving traditional artistry.

Beyond our responsible material sourcing and sustainable choices, we infuse each piece with meaning and symbolism, creating jewelry that resonates with the soul. We offer yearly complimentary jewelry polishing services to our valued customers, ensuring their treasured pieces maintain their radiant beauty.

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something blue

Magic designs to enhance goddess side of every bride


Minimal day to day jewellery designs


Decorate Your spaces with natural handmade incense aromas