AURORA Green Moon Necklace


Natural Abalone Shell Moon & Green Onyx Handmade Sterling Silver Necklace


  • Pure Sterling Silver or Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • Handmade Jewels Supporting Craftsman World Wide
  • Natural Shell & Green Onyx Stone
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Free Yearly Polishing
  • Unique just like You!


The Double Green Moon necklace was inspired by greenery of Nature: life giving plants to the magic of Northern Lights. Each piece of hand carved Abalone shell is like a fingerprint unique in its changeable multicolour shine and pattern. Set together with the drop of Green Onyx stone.

We designed it so that you can adjust the length of the chain starting at 38cm anywhere up to 54cm. So it is a multi size necklace amazing for any of your layering composition.

Behind the Scenes of this Jewellery

We are deeply inspired by Nature and design meaningful jewellery to celebrate Uniqueness of each and everyone. Our creations are charged with Magic of Human Touch, because we choose to produce our designs by supporting Handmade and small artisan families world wide. In our creative process there is always a priority for recycled natural stones, precious metals and turning unworn jewels into new ones to love. We always seek for more sustainable solutions in each stage of our creativity and quality is big part of it. Once a year free professional jewellery polishing is offered to all our clients.

In general we believe in helping people&nature and the root of it we feel is healthy lifestyle. Jewellery is how we fuel growth of our neila nilow Holistics division, were we try to help people to make better choices, educate and inspire wellbeing within.


Please keep in mind that all natural gemstones are unique in their colour variation and might be slightly different to the one in the image.

All our jewellery designs with shell requires extra care. Please read our Jewellery Care Guide

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AURORA Green Moon Necklace

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