FIRE Element Citrine Ring


Citrine stone set in Recycled Sterling Silver Ring




Passion, Power, Will, Energy, Courage, Strength, Light

Power – to will

The fire element ring embodies the essence of strength, activity, blood, and life force. It is a powerful talisman that fuels your soul with courage and strength, especially when facing significant challenges or pursuing passionate endeavors. Fire represents transformative energy, offering protection and consuming impurities, making this ring a symbol of personal growth and purification.

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Fire is a unique element that requires both earth and air to exist, yet can be extinguished by water. This delicate balance reflects the nature of our own inner fire. It may rise up and burn brightly, only to be lost to the ashes, or – if we learn to wield the power π‘‘π‘œ 𝑀𝑖𝑙𝑙 – it can continue on, passed from person to person, time to time, in the coals and embers of our lives.

Our connection to fire is primordial and profound. We gather around flames to share stories, create music, and practice rituals. From the sacred flames in temples to the hearths in our homes, from campfires under starry skies to bonfires where we release the old, fire has long been at the center of human connection and transformation. This fire element ring serves as a reminder of that inner flame that keeps burning within us, connecting us to this ancient and powerful force.

Maybe this fire element ring can be a talisman to support you with these energies and reminders. It can help you tap into your passion, strengthen your will, and ignite your courage when facing life’s challenges.

The Radiant Energy of Citrine

At the heart of this fire element ring sits a triangle-shaped citrine stone, perfectly embodying the upward-reaching energy of fire. Citrine carries the power of the sun and is infused with life-giving energy. Its warm, golden hues reflect the vibrant nature of the fire element.

Citrine is renowned for its ability to transmute negative energy and dissipate destructive tendencies. It encourages optimism, enthusiasm, and a zest for life, aligning perfectly with the passionate nature of fire. This stone is believed to enhance mental clarity, boost confidence, and stimulate the imagination, making it an excellent companion for creative endeavors and personal growth.

As a manifestation stone, citrine supports the realization of your goals and dreams. Citrine works synergistically with the second and third chakras, initiating our creative energy and strengthening our personal will. Citrine provides the energy to sustain one through the grunt work of manifesting creative ideas. The triangle shape of the stone in this ring further amplifies these properties, representing the upward movement of energy.

Wearing this fire element ring with its triangle-shaped citrine can help you harness the transformative power of fire, ignite your inner light, and fuel your will to achieve your highest potential. Let it serve as a constant reminder of your inner strength, passion, and the limitless possibilities that await when you dare to shine brightly. It pairs beautifully with our Water element ring, opal stack ring or any simple band ring.



  • 92% Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Handmade Jewels Supporting Craftsman World Wide
  • Genuine ethically sourced materials
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Free Yearly Polishing
  • Unique just like You!


Embrace the Call of Nature

Explore our wide range of one-of-a-kind designs, each a unique reflection of nature’s boundless inspiration. Adorn yourself with handmade sustainable jewelry that not only enhances your style but also celebrates your connection to the world around you. Join us in embracing the beauty of ethical craftsmanship and sustainable living.

Behind the Scenes of this Jewellery

We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of our brand. By recycling silver and using around 90% of it in our jewelry designs, we reduce our environmental impact while creating stunning pieces that showcase the beauty of genuine materials.

Our commitment extends to using only pure 925 sterling silver or 24K gold-plated 925 silver, ensuring the highest quality and durability. Additionally, our designs are handmade jewellery, supporting the livelihoods of skilled craftsman families and preserving traditional artistry.

Beyond our responsible material sourcing and sustainable choices, we infuse each piece with meaning and symbolism, creating jewellery that resonates with the soul. As a testament to our dedication, we offer yearly complimentary jewelry polishing services to our valued customers, ensuring your treasured pieces maintain their radiant beauty.


We ship to EU, UK, USA. We happy to ship other countries, but please contacts us first. Ready stock shipping process 1-2 days. Contact us for custom orders.

Please keep in mind that all natural gemstones & shells are unique in their colour variation and might be slightly different to the one in the image. Please read our Jewellery Care Guide.

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FIRE Element Citrine Ring

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