FLOWER of LIFE necklace


FLower of Life pendant Sterling Silver Necklace


Flower of Life necklace from SACRED GEOMETRY COLLECTION

Flower of Life necklace is a powerful pattern that belongs to Sacred Geometry- harmonic symbols evolving without any outside force for that reason it symbolises HARMONIC ENERGY patterns by which NATURE creates its designs. Flower of Life shows that all life and consciousness arises from ONE SOURCE.

The Flower of Life, a timeless and revered symbol, is a geometric pattern composed of overlapping circles, forming a mesmerizing flower-like design. This ancient motif is believed to contain the blueprints of the universe, reminding us that all life and consciousness arise from a single, divine source.

Sacred Geometry has long been a vital element in spiritual traditions across cultures, as these harmonic symbols evolve effortlessly, without any outside force. The Flower of Life pendant necklace symbolizes the inherent order and beauty present in the natural world, inviting you to embrace the universal energy that flows through all living beings.

More than just a stylish accessory, this pendant necklace is a powerful talisman that celebrates nature’s boundless creativity and the unifying force that connects us all. Wear it as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the infinite potential that lies within the harmonious patterns of the universe.

Chain is 52cm. If it is not the size you would like, contact us and we see how we can help.

  • 92% Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Handmade Jewels Supporting Craftsman World Wide
  • Genuine ethically sourced materials
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Free Yearly Polishing
  • Unique just like You!


Embrace the Call of Nature

Explore our wide range of one-of-a-kind designs, each a unique reflection of nature’s boundless inspiration. Adorn yourself with handmade sustainable jewelry that not only enhances your style but also celebrates your connection to the world around you. Join us in embracing the beauty of ethical craftsmanship and sustainable living.

Behind the Scenes of this Jewellery

We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of our brand. By recycling silver and using around 90% of it in our jewelry designs, we reduce our environmental impact while creating stunning pieces that showcase the beauty of genuine materials.

Our commitment extends to using only pure 925 sterling silver or 24K gold-plated 925 silver, ensuring the highest quality and durability. Additionally, our designs are handmade jewellery, supporting the livelihoods of skilled craftsman families and preserving traditional artistry.

Beyond our responsible material sourcing and sustainable choices, we infuse each piece with meaning and symbolism, creating jewellery that resonates with the soul. As a testament to our dedication, we offer yearly complimentary jewelry polishing services to our valued customers, ensuring your treasured pieces maintain their radiant beauty.


Please keep in mind that all natural gemstones & shells are unique in their colour variation and might be slightly different to the one in the image. Please read our Jewellery Care Guide.


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FLOWER of LIFE necklace

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