MUDRA Tourmaline Necklace

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MUDRA Black Tourmaline 24K Gold plated 925 Necklace

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The Hand Symbol: A Universal Sign of Protection

The Symbolism of Mudras The hand is universally seen as a symbol of protection and good luck. Various hand gestures, called “mudras” or “hand seals,” have been used across multiple traditions. In the Middle East, the Varada Mudra involves the left hand’s fingers pointing down with an open palm. This gesture indicates the divine is granting a wish or blessing. Conversely, the same hand position with fingers pointing up signifies protection against negative energies.

Bali’s Hand Symbolism In Bali, where our jewelry originates, Hindu tradition associates each finger with a natural element. Specifically, the thumb represents fire and the solar plexus chakra. The forefinger symbolizes air and the heart chakra. Next, the middle finger connects to ethereal elements and the throat chakra. Then, the ring finger relates to earth and the root chakra. Finally, the pinky finger signifies water and the sacral chakra.

Other Protective Hand Symbols Furthermore, other protective symbols centered on the hand include the Hand-of-Venus (or Aphrodite) and the Hand-of-Mary. These guarded women against the evil eye while boosting fertility, lactation, and healthy pregnancies. Additionally, they strengthened the weak. Moreover, early use of the hamsa can be traced to ancient Mesopotamian artifacts depicting the goddesses Inanna or Ishtar.

The Power of Black Tourmaline

Psychic Protection Black Tourmaline crystals offer powerful psychic shielding for those facing challenging circumstances. These crystals help maintain a clear auric field, even amid destructive energies. They act like etheric vacuum cleaners, clearing negativity and disharmony from one’s surroundings.

Dispelling Negative Thoughts Additionally, Black Tourmaline dispels negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, and feelings of unworthiness. As a natural purifier, it promotes calm and balance by absorbing and transmuting negative energies.

Grounding and Detoxifying Properties Known for grounding properties, Black Tourmaline connects the root chakra to the earth’s energies, fostering stability and security. Moreover, it is believed to have detoxifying abilities, aiding in removing pollutants and toxins from the body and environment.

A Protective Talisman Whether carried as a personal talisman or placed strategically at home or work, Black Tourmaline’s protective qualities help navigate life’s challenges with resilience and inner strength.


  • 92% Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Handmade Jewels Supporting Craftsman World Wide
  • Genuine ethically sourced materials
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Free Yearly Polishing
  • Unique just like You!


Embrace the Call of Nature

Explore our wide range of one-of-a-kind designs, each a unique reflection of nature’s boundless inspiration. Adorn yourself with handmade sustainable jewelry that not only enhances your style but also celebrates your connection to the world around you. Join us in embracing the beauty of ethical craftsmanship and sustainable living.

Behind the Scenes of this Jewellery

We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of our brand. By recycling silver and using around 90% of it in our jewelry designs, we reduce our environmental impact while creating stunning pieces that showcase the beauty of genuine materials.

Our commitment extends to using only pure 925 sterling silver or 24K gold-plated 925 silver, ensuring the highest quality and durability. Additionally, our designs are handmade jewellery, supporting the livelihoods of skilled craftsman families and preserving traditional artistry.

Beyond our responsible material sourcing and sustainable choices, we infuse each piece with meaning and symbolism, creating jewellery that resonates with the soul. As a testament to our dedication, we offer yearly complimentary jewelry polishing services to our valued customers, ensuring your treasured pieces maintain their radiant beauty.


Please keep in mind that all natural gemstones & shells are unique in their colour variation and might be slightly different to the one in the image. Please read our Jewellery Care Guide.


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