Natural Ingredient Hand Rolled Incense


  • Only Natural Ingredients
  • Hand rolled Supporting Craftsmanship
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • 8 incense per box


Holistic approach is one of the main aspects of our creative process, thus in neila nilow aroma world we only use highest quality natural ingredients of plants, wood, resins and essential oils. We source best ingredients we can and process them ourselves to make sure we get pure of the BEST!

We also feel that a very important ingredient is LOVE and that is why we choose to support artisans that make our incense by hand.

We strive to enrich people’s life with Rituals and decorate your environment with healthy, memorable & heart warming scents.

Sacris Locus

shamanic blend of resins and herb wildly used in perfumery- vetiver. Warm calming scent.

Ligno Dea

the mildest of them all thus best for those who into lighter warm. smells. Emotionally balancing, cozy mixture of resins and sandalwood. 

Spiritu Uno

memorable scent for anyone who into subtile sweet notes. Heart warming 18 herbs rolled with real honey.

Arcano Fumus

unique and woody scent. Those who into OUD will appreciate this blend. Give it time till you can’t live without. 

Donum Deus

energetically cleansing but sweet & welcoming smell. Herbal mixture with patchouli essential oil and ceremonial palo santo wood.

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