MAVERICK Botanical Parfum

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Limited Edition Natural Parfum


  • Only Natural Ingredients
  • Limited Edition
  • Sustainable Packaging


This aroma was made for modern day Maverics: someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action. It is unisex scent with warm woody spiciness. Formulated with Saturnian & Sun plants. It is said from times of Egypt that Saturnian plants stimulate consciousness and challenge ones boundaries whiles Sun constitution plants open up the heart.

High notes – Cypress, Patchouly, Kaffir, Frankincense


neila nilow Aroma World

Holistic approach is one of the main aspects of our creative process, thus in neila nilow aroma world we only use highest quality natural ingredients of plants, wood, resins and essential oils. We source best ingredients and  process them according to ancient alchemy methods following planetary constitutions and cycles of Nature.

We also feel that a very important ingredient is LOVE. We create driven by love to Nature, so you can enjoy the gifts it can give without harming It or You.

To celebrate Your Uniqueness all our scent formulas are made in very limited edition quantities. Never more than 20 bottles of a scent. Also keep in mind that plants intertwine and dance a never ending dance of changing alchemy with, so your parfum will develop and change with time, just like we do.

We strive to enrich people’s life with Rituals and decorate your environment with healthy, memorable & heart warming scents.


The bottle is NOT sealed, because we hope that you will choose to reuse the bottle once it is empty. You could glue it if you scared someone will drink it 😉

Each bottle you purchase comes with Handmade wooden cap. This wood comes from fallen trees and is one of the kind!

Please do not push cap completely to cover the silver, only half way. Wood is the earth element that absorbs or evaporates water element continually. If you keep it in humid bathroom and later in dry, the cap might be always changing how snug it is, so if you close it completely it might be hard to open again later on.

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MAVERICK Botanical Parfum


Out of stock